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Featurepoints is an app for both iOS and Android devices. Basically what you do is download and try apps, and in return you get points that you can exchange for Amazon, Steam, iTunes, or PayPal giftcards and even an iPad mini. It barely involves any work, and you can delete the apps right after.

To sign up: Download app on your iPhone/iPod or Android.  I’m pretty sure it’s in the Google Play store, but you’ll have to go to and download it from there (in safari) for iOS.

Use the referral code 2FYKEM when you sign up OR use this link on your browser for 50 bonus points.

I know this is really dumb because, well, i run a porn blog, but this is pretty much the only way I can make money at the moment, so if you could try it out, I’d really appreciate it :)

PLUS, it’s just an easy way for you to make money :D

Please reblog saying how it’s working for you :D

I’m really sorry about how many times I’m reposting this, but it really is a great app to use :) I hope you all can forgive me.